Resident-led Partnership

All residents of the Big Local area are welcome to attend Resident-led Partnership meetings.  As space is limited, please contact Jan Papworth, our Community Development Worker on 01424 723775 or if you would like to come along, so that we can make sure you have a seat.

The dates of the Resident-led Partnership meetings in 2017/18 are:

Tuesday 04 April

Wednesday 03 May

Wednesday 07 June

Monday 06 July

No meeting in August

Wednesday 06 September

Monday 02 October

Wednesday 01 November

Tuesday 05 December

Wednesday 03 January

Tuesday 06 February

Monday 05 March

Meetings will be held in Orbit's office at Station Parade, Ore Valley Road, Hastings, TN34 3FH from 6pm to 8pm unless otherwise stated.

The Resident-led Partnership manages the Big Local programme of events and projects in our area.  The following residents were elected to the resident-led partnership at the annual general meeting on 26 March 2016 at the Ore Centre:

Pat Simnett (Chair), Jackie Gaunt, Mags Pawson, Claire Power, Becky Polain, Ann Scott, Pat Simnett, Richard Street, Sarah Stone, Debby Anderson, Bob Goldsmith, Maureen Gardiner, Gary Storer,  Suzy Lawrence-Strachan, Alan Turner.  Non-resident members were also elected the AGM and these are Cllr Tania Charman, Craig Atkins (Orbit South), Russell Smith (Orbit South), Pranesh Datta (HBC), Emile Tambeh (HBC), Zoe Jackson (Amicus Horizon), Mike Thompson.  All partnership members have voting rights.

Suzy Lawrence-Strachan, Bob Goldsmith and Debby Anderson have since resigned.

The resident-led partnership can have between 8 and 20 voting members elected from the Big Local Group. Elected members can be:

  • residents who live within the Big Local boundary (the majority of members);

  • supporters who work, shop and/or use facilities in the area; and

  • voting representatives from constituted groups, organisations, public sector bodies or businesses who are based in or provide services to the Big Local area. 

    The resident-led partnership appoints its officers  and can appoint sub-groups to help it carry out its responsibilities.

    If you would like to stand for election to the resident-led partnership download the application form by clicking on the link below.

    Aims of the Resident-led Partnership

    In 2014 the partnership will be a dynamic group of community led members that are truly representative of North East Hastings.  It will hold regular meetings at which everyone has a voice and every voice is heard equally. The meetings will be democratic, well-structured and inclusive.


  • Strong, effective and active partnership.

  • Representative through people and skills.

  • Forward looking and progressive whilst building on past experiences and collaboration.

  • Local understanding of the Big Local ‘brand’ as a positive opportunity to make a difference.

    The terms of reference of the resident-led partnership can be downloaded by clicking on the link below.

    Approved notes of meetings can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

    I cannot afford to attend Big Local meetings

We might be able to help.  We have an expenses policy designed to enable local residents to particpate in Big Local meetings, training and volunteering.  To see whether you are eligible for help and how to claim please click here.