Welcome to the website for Big Local North East Hastings.  Big Local lets local residents decide how they want to spend £1 million over the next 10 years.

This website will tell you about Big Local, the area and the plans of the resident-led partnership which manages the spending programme.

To find out what is happening in our area generally, please click here to visit the Ore Community website or like our Facebook page - Big Local North East Hastings.

Annual General Meeting 2017

Big Local's Annual General Meeting took place on Wednesday 10th May at the Bridge Community Centre.  Pat Simnett, Chair of the Resident Led Partnership, gave her report on the achievements of the past year and is attached below.  Minutes to follow shortly.

The partnership for the coming year was endorsed by the meeting.  It includes two new members and two members who had to be-relected under out Terms of Reference.  The new partnership is shown in the attachment below

Amendments to the Terms of Reference were agreed and the revised document is shown below, as are the minutes of the meeting.


Come and join us!

We are seeking more residents to join the Big Local Resident Led Partnership.  You don’t need any special experience but you should live in the Big Local area and care about what happens to it and the people living in it.  The partnership is a small, friendly group who are all keen to see improvements in the area.  Joining the partnership means attending a monthly meeting (held in the early evening and in the Big Local area) and together with other residents overseeing the delivery of our new action plan.  There are opportunities to get involved with other activities, if you are interested.

For more information contact Jan Papworth, our Community Development Worker on 01424 723775 or email jan.papworth@orbit.org.uk.

Area profile and plan

Our 3-year plan was endorsed by Local Trust on 11th July 2014.  You can see and download our area profile and the 3-year plan by clicking here.

Our vision is that in 10-years’ time North East Hastings will be a good place to grow up in, a good place to raise a family, a good place to earn a living, a good place to enjoy leisure time and a good place to grow old.

Our priorities in the next three-years are to:

•             Improve area co-ordination, and support community centres and groups to make best use of the resources we already have

•             Provide more free or low cost opportunities to improve learning and skills

•             Improve support for young people and vulnerable and isolated adults

•             Support leisure, health and environmental initiatives

•             Support initiatives that will help improve the economic outlook.

From Spring 2017 a new plan will be in force.  In order to create this plan, the Resident Led Partnership undertook a consultation with Big Local residents during the winter and is now in the process of writing the new plan.  This will then be sent to our funder, Local Trust, which must approve it.  It will then be shared with residents.  We will let you know when the plan is approved.  We hope to launch it at out AGM on 10th May.

Expenses for volunteers

Our expenses policy and claim form is available by clicking here.

Local Trust

Big Local is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and managed by Local Trust.  Catch up here with the latest Local Trust news, including what’s happening in 150 Big Local areas across England by clicking here

In April 2016 Local Trust brought in its first independent evaluators.  Their job was to assess how well things were going – to look at areas' progress and whether Big Local partnerships across the country are starting to make a difference, and what kinds of things have helped and hindered areas in their Big Local journeys.  The big question was – is Big Local working?  To answer that and lots of other questions, the independent evaluators heard from over 400 of the people most involved in making Big Local happen and studied the progress being made in more than 100 Big Local areas.   You can read the key findings and the full report on the Local Trust website by clicking here.  To read Local Trust's April 2015 update on learning and research click here.