Marching through March plans

It was a really good meeting of the Partnership Board this month; lots of positive feedback and plans to get working on. We were even filmed throughout the meeting by a Media student from the University of Brighton, and this didn’t throw us off our stride – in fact it would be true to say that most of us forgot the filming was going on.

Our two new vice chairs have both started their work with a flourish. We have the beginnings of a communications plan. Priorities within this include raising awareness of what Big Local North East Hastings is up to and what it can do. We also need more open dialogue – creating two way communications with residents and stake- holders. We also noted that in North East Hastings paper communication is still needed – not everyone has access to the internet, or knows how to get access. We’re really lucky to have Gary Storer, working on this. He is infamous with parents in Hastings and St Leonards for fantastic information collated together with a group of volunteers about ‘What’s On’ each day of the holidays.

We also had a review of the action plan for 2014/15 by Suzy, our other vice chair and Paul Barnett. They rightly pointed out that as we’ve only had the action plan, and the money released from Big Local against it since July 2014, we can expect the review to be ‘light touch’. However work has started on parts of the plan, and work on education has just commenced so we will be seeing monitoring reports on that within a couple of months.

In the meeting we agreed that, as Suzy and Paul suggested, we group some of the categories together – for example community and environment, and a small group from the resident led partnership board take the lead on each programme. These groups would have support from the paid staff, and at partnership board meetings we would have to be careful to make sure we ‘join all the work together’.

Finally, we talked over plans for the Easter Saturday Event at Ore Community Centre. It looks to be a fun day (and free although the café will be open too) including face painting, craft workshop with Ed Boxall, and one of the ever popular Easter bonnet (or hat) parades. The local shops in Ore will also be involved by having ‘spot the egg in the window competition’ for families.

Big Local Blog Post 5  8 March 2015