Who decided where the Big Local boundary should be?

Local Trust and the National Lottery decided based on advice from Hastings Borough Council and Hastings Voluntary Action.


Why is my road not in the Big Local area?

Residents and groups from outside the Big Local area can still benefit from Big Local as long as the main beneficiaries are from within the area. There has to be a boundary, and Local Trust and the National Lottery used the Office for National Statistics’ Lower Super Output Areas which are pre-defined geographical areas. The fact that your road is not within the Big Local boundary need not mean that you miss out, particularly if you use or want to provide services within the boundary.


Can I complete a questionnaire / make my views known if I do not live in the Big Local area?

The main focus will be on residents living in the Big Local area but we also want the views of people who have an interest in the area because they shop, work or belong to a group there. For this reason, while responses to surveys will be kept anonymous, post codes or streets may be requested.


How will I know what is going on?

There will be information on this website, in local community centres and businesses, and newsletters. Social networking through FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media will be developed. You will also be able to sit in on meetings of the Resident-led Partnership.


Why should I bother about Big Local?

We have had so many projects that are here to day and gone tomorrow. Big Local is different because its timeframe is ten years and it is fully funded to the tune of £1million. Local people have to come up with the ideas, put together the plan of action and make sure it is delivered. It is not about an organisation coming in and telling us what we need to achieve to get the money and it won’t be all change after two or three years. Key aims are sustainability; encouraging an enterprising approach to community activity; getting more people involved with the confidence to shape how the community looks and feels; and being able to make a real difference for the better. A parallel programme is called Star People and is aimed at encouraging people with enterprising ideas to benefit the community. Awards start at £500 and go up to £15,000.


Why do you want my contact details?

We would like to be able to keep in touch to tell you about what is happening locally and nationally. We also want to know how many people are taking an interest in Big Local so we know how successful we are being.


How can I find out what goes on at Resident-led Partnership meetings?

The date, time and place of meetings will be on this website and if practicable we will advertise them in community centres. The meetings are open to the public but we would like those attending to register as members of the Big Local Group - for more information on that click on the About Big Local tab above.  


Why is it such a long programme?

Big Local can run for 10 years or longer.  It is about more people becoming more involved in the life of the community, with more confidence to shape how the community looks and feels, and being able to make a real difference for the better. That cannot be done quickly. It would be possible to change some things in a couple of years but they wouldn’t be guaranteed to last. To make a lasting difference we need as much time as possible to do things to give local residents time to try out a few new things, decide what works best and then to make sure the changes stick.

How will decisions on what goes into the Big Local plan be made?

The Resident-led Partnership will decide based on the area profile, results of consultations, the Partnership's vision for the area and with the advice of the Big Local rep and in dialogue with Local Trust.

I don’t go to Ore Village very much. What is Big Local going to do for my area?

Big Local funding will be spread across the whole beneficial area include housing areas, parks and open spaces and industrial and commercial areas such as Ivyhouse Lane.


What information do I have to provide to get money for my project?

It will depend on the amount of money involved. We will try to keep the application process as simple as possible but the greater the amount of money being asked for the greater amount of detail we are likely to need. As a minimum we will ask you to explain how much you want; why your event/project is a good idea, what you will achieve with the money and when. For larger request you may be asked to explain your project/event to a small sub-committee of the partnership board. When the project/event is complete you will be expected to provide a written report and again the size will depend on the amount. As a minimum we would expect you to say how many people participated and whether you met you objectives. If you are unable to complete your project you may be asked to repay all or some of the money.  


Who is going to judge whether Big Local has made a difference and how are they going to do it?

The residents and other groups will be involved in evaluating the project throughout and beyond the ten years, and part of that will be being able to see and feel the evidence on the ground.


Who is in charge of the Big Local money?

Local Trust, a national charity, holds the money currently. However, once the plan has been agreed it will be released to our Locally Trusted Organisation which will act as treasurer to the Resident-led Partnership providing Local Trust with regular and independently verified reports and accounts.  Orbit Housing Association acted as our LTO for the first three years of Big Local.  From Summer 2017, the role will be fulfilled by Hastings Voluntary Action.


I’ve got a good idea for a project, can I get some money to help me get it started?

If you (as an individual) have an enterprising idea that will benefit the community, you can apply now for a Star People Award starting with ‘Try It’ at £500. Details can be found at: http://unltd.org.uk/journey/starpeople/

I have an idea for a project but there is already another group doing it. I think I will do it better than the other group, will I get any money? It depends on what new ideas you have, whether they fit in with the Big Local plan and whether they will bring additional benefits that are wanted by sufficient people to justify the investment of Big Local funds.


Are there things Big Local won’t fund?

Big Lottery Fund money must be used in ways that is additional to and/or adds value to national and local government funded activities. This means that Big Local funds should not be used as a substitute for funding that would normally fall into mainstream government spending. And while we will welcome ideas for community projects from faith-based organisations, we will not fund religious activities.